I am, by trade, a highly skilled wood and stone carver from Bali, Indonesia.   It was there, in Bali, that I got my first taste of the home improvement industry because in addition to creating decorative, carved pieces, I was often called upon to do installations of these pieces as well as to perform light carpentry work related to each individual job. 
        For years, I have worked with talented cabinet makers and General Contractors, and it was during my time on the job with these people that I acquired a vast array of skills that have allowed me to become the capable and versatile handyman that I am today.  I now specialize in trim carpentry and millwork and molding installation , but I have experience with all kinds of jobs and welcome all inquiries. 
       I firmly believe that the most important tool in generating a positive outcome with respect to customer satisfaction is to really listen to my customers, and to develop a mutually respectful business relationship. I also believe in respecting the customer’s home or space and pay special attention to keeping the space clean. I pride myself in being an honest, hardworking individual with a very strong work ethic, and in an industry where you find a lot of dishonesty, I feel these are strong assets to bring to the table.  In addition, I have been able to translate my experience and skill as an artist into creativity in the jobs I am asked to perform.